I’m Erin, helping women design a life and business they can truly love.

If You've Experienced Loss, You May Be Asking,
"Now What?"

I’ve been there. I lost my husband suddenly and became a widowed mom of three. And not too long after, my sister and niece were taken in a tragic car accident. I asked myself the same question when I was feeling lost, overwhelmed, and unsure what to do next. Now what? Through the pain, I uncovered the steps to take me from feeling overwhelmed and uncertain to peaceful and confident. But loss isn’t always a tragedy. For many of us, it is a loss of the life you had planned, the dreams you hoped for. As someone who knows what it looks like to have life shift unexpectedly, I’m here to guide you as you take the necessary steps towards loving the life you are living.

Have You Been Feeling Lost, Overwhelmed, And Unsure What To Do Next? You are not alone.

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Welcome Friend,

When I lost my husband suddenly in a workplace accident my entire life had forever changed.

After spending my career in financial services preparing people for the unexpected, I couldn’t have prepared myself emotionally for what was to come. I felt numb, lost, and unsure of what to do. 

The next decision I made changed my life and put me on the journey to helping other women in my shoes.

Step by step, I discovered that my journey hadn’t ended when my husband passed. It had only just begun.