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This. Is. Grief.

Crying in the Shower Journal entry by Erin dated 10.20.20 I stepped into the shower… this morning, after 3 days of lounging around in my yoga pants, to finally give myself the much needed care that I so desperately deserved.  I opened up my music app and selected the song “See you Again” by Wiz …

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The Why Behind Forever Changed Widow

Forever Changed Widow came to life after Erin’s life was changed forever in July of 2015. This blog shares the journey of a widow whose husband, Andy, died suddenly in a work accident. This articles are designed to help others, who find themselves on a similar journey, navigate life after loss.

P.S. I Love You

“The love we had will never fade for it’s locked away in the deepest cave.” ~Erin Hente I remember the day I met him back in 1997. A friend of a friend asked me to take her home after school and I obligingly said yes. Just down the street from her house was a local …

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