Before I Tell You All About the Program, Let’s Talk About Who This is Really for…

You’re a women who is knows you were created for something more than the circumstances you currently find yourself in.  You are feeling stuck, because you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the decisions you have to make. You aren’t have no idea what’s going to come next for you.

You know that something needs to change, but you aren’t sure what to do now. OR maybe you do know what to do, but you sabotage your progress by comparing yourself to others and where you think you should be. If you want to create a life filled with purpose, certainty, and confidence knowing that you are taking the next right steps for YOUR life then this is definitely the program for you.

Before Starting the Program These Clients Were...

“I was stressed, unhappy, anxious and not feeling good about myself.”
Jodi M.
“I was frequently depressed and just frustrated with almost everything in my life.”
Annette R.
“I was feeling completely frazzled and overwhelmed with all those I loved dearly.”
Laura T.

Are You Someone Who...

  • feels as though you don’t have the support you need to navigate all the challenges that come up in your business day to day?
  • is overwhelmed by the never ending to do list where everything feels like a priority?
  • knows you want something more, but aren’t certain how to get there?
  • doesn’t feel like you have enough time in the day to get everything you want done?

If you said yes to any of these, then the Becoming You Coaching Program will help you build a solid foundation as you design a life you can truly love with tools, inspiration, and unparalleled support on your journey to design and step forward into the life you never imagined for yourself!

Who am I?

Hello! My name is Erin Hente. After spending 10 years in financial services preparing people for the unexpected, I soon found myself navigating the unexpected when my husband Andy died suddenly in a work accident in 2015. 

In 2017, I stepped away from my career to explore what was going to come next for me.  I had NO idea, but what I did know is that I needed a little guidance on the journey ahead.

Someone to remind me that I’m not alone, ask me question, and be my constant reminder that I had all the answers right inside of me, but I needed some help finding them.

Today, as a Certified Life Coach, I now have the honor and privelege of helping others do the same.

It is my personal mission show you what’s possible for your life and help you make simple shifts to design a life you can truly love.

This is why I am here!  

The Becoming You Coaching Program will support you as you uncover who you are becoming on this journey and what you want, so you can move forward with more peace and confidence into a life you never imagined for yourself.

These are specific results coaching clients received while in the program...

“As other life events have come up I start by taking a breath and ask if this is for my higher good!”
Michelle G.
“I have faced some emotions and fears that I never wanted to face and feel stronger in being my own person."
Linda B.
“I now feel like a stronger woman for taking the steps required to not just survive but to move FORWARD in my life, to thrive and to create a new life for myself.”
Amy B.

By the end of this program, you will be able to...

This is how clients say the work they did will help them in their futures...

“I am much better at looking at a situation or an event or a hurt and Sitting with it for a while, to be able to identify my feelings and the outcome that I can live with.”
Linda B.
“I can use the tools that Erin gave me to work through whatever is going on in a positive manner ”
Jodi M.
“I want these things for all aspects of life now: feeling welcome, connectedness & truth all around me, and if I don't feel those - it's a trigger to say, "These aren't my people, this isn't my space" and be able to move on from it.”
Laura T.

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This is how clients feel after investing the time and energy to participate in this work...

“I am grateful for spending time, money, and energy on what is important to and for me.”
Michelle G.
“Worked through feelings and emotions in a healthy manner, which allowed me to be able to feel all of the emotions, but not get stuck in them.”
Jodi M.
“This gift of this experience is that I found out I wasn’t taking care of myself at all and now I am.”
Laura T.

What's Covered Inside the Becoming You
Coaching Program?

Inside the program we take a 3 phased approach throughout our time together…

Phase 1 – Becoming Aware | Where am I at now?

You are becoming aware of who you are on this journey.  Awareness takes time. The exercises you will learn in this phase will guide you towards gaining a deeper understanding of who you are and where you are at right now, so you can discover what’s possible for your life. In this process, you will begin to compassionately understand how your beliefs, feelings, and actions have led you to where you are today..

In this phase, we will cover the following topics in this phase:

  • Where you are now
  • What are your Desired Outcomes
  • Results you want to create
  • Obstacles and Strategies

Phase 2 – Becoming Aligned | Finding Balance Amidst the Uncertainty

Your entire life has forever changed after the loss of your loved one.  As you continue to step forward into whatever is next for your life, it’s important to maintain balance amidst all the uncertainty life may continue to bring.  This will allow you to rebuild on a solid foundation by aligning where you’re at now with who you are consistently becoming in your life.  

In this phase, you will uncover the following and deep dive into a life exercise:

  • Where I am. 
  • Where I think I should be
  • Where I actually want to be
  • The Balancing Act

Phase 3 – Becoming You | Awakening to Your True Self

In the process of Becoming You, you have become aware of who you are and what you need in your life in order to step forward in alignment with who you are becoming.  In this next phase, you will continue designing the life you never imagined for yourself.  This is your opportunity to release the expectations of the world around you and dream BIG!  You’ll get to enjoy new experiences and start living life on purpose.  

In this phase, we will be diving into the following.

  • Permission to Dream
  • Shrinking Back
  • The beginning of something beautiful
  • Focused and Steady

When you enroll during this special, limited time period, you'll get:

Enroll in the Becoming You Coaching Program Today

3 monthly payments of
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What else my clients have said...

“I love where I am growing as we have our sessions! I thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you have brought into my life.”
Michelle G.
“Erin was amazing to work with, I feel I have grown so much in the time I worked with her!”
Jodi M.
“You are so very good at helping people find their own truth and their own answers that we are looking for.”
Linda B.

Frequently Asked Questions

You will book 1:1 Coaching Sessions  every 7-10 days (up to 2 hours per month) over the 6 months coaching program. In addition, you may attend group sessions held 2-3 times per month to gain additional access to tools and insight to support you on the journey ahead.

  1. You will receive access to 6 months of 1:1 support and coaching through the Becoming You Coach Program , which includes 1:1 support to help you design a life you can truly love. 
  2. Up to 2 hours of private coaching each month.  Delivered in One (60) minute session and Two (30) minute sessions per month.
  3. Unlimited messaging support to contact the coach throughout the program.
  4. BONUS: Six months access to the Becoming You Membership Group to receive additional tips, tools, and guidance through a group coaching format to support your 1:1 work.
  5. Lifetime access to individual coaching recordings and tools used throughout the process.

No worries. Many times women coming to me unable to discern exactly what they want to get from coaching.  If you are open to the process and will allow me to ask you questions to help guide you then that is all you need. Your willingness to participate in this process is 100% required as this is your own personal journey and not the coaches.

Content will be delivered via live zoom sessions, downloadable PDFs and guided questions revolving around the material delivered throughout the month.  Replays to 1:1 sessions are available upon request.

All group sessions will be recorded and posted in the membership library weekly.  For 1:1 coaching sessions, you must reschedule call at least 24 hours in advance or you session will count as a missed session.  After one no show session, a $50 reschedule fee may apply if you still want to schedule a future session.

From the date of enrollment in the program, you have a 14 Day money back guarantee.  In order to receive your money back guarantee, you must send a written request to prior to your first coaching session.

Still thinking about it?

Whatever it is for you, I can tell you that only a few short years ago I was in exactly the same place. I refused to make space to uncover who I was after the sudden loss of my husband and life threw me another curveball that reignited the grief. It led me to some major soul searching and after taking a leave of absence from my 10 year career in Financial Services, going on a mission trip, and finally hiring a life coach to help me lay the foundation for my future, I was able to step forward with joy and confidence that enabled me to be the person I was created to be. While your journey will most certainly lead you to exactly where you are meant to be, I invite you to take the path less traveled as you begin to uncover whatever is next for your life by clicking the link below.

Wishing you all the best, Erin.

14 Day Money Back Guarantee

From the date of enrollment in the program, you have a 14 Day money back guarantee.  In order to receive your money back guarantee, you must send a written request to prior to your first coaching session.

Enroll in the Becoming You Coaching Program Today