A Widow’s Journey: Children, Chickens, and Comingling Households

How do you move forward after losing your lifelong best friend when you’re 9 months pregnant? Just ask Melanie.

In this episode, widowed mom, Dr. Melanie Lerew shares her journey through life, loss, and a baby her husband never got a chance to meet.

She also shares her unique perspective on how “the coop” has been her steadfast support throughout her journey.

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What you’ll learn from this Episode:

  • A Widow’s journey after the sudden loss of her husband while 9 months pregnant.
  • The steadfast love her sister’s family provided.
  • How google led her to others on a similar journey.
  • As a physician, she shares how caretaking for others has led her to caring for herself.
  • PLUS a fun story about how her obsession for chickens have provided healing for “the coop.”

Featured on the Show:

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