Advocating What You Need as a Griever

What do you need most right now at this moment? As a widow, or women healing from loss, our needs are great, and understanding how to meet those needs ourselves or even advocate for what we need is a whole other layer of complexity. 

Oftentimes, we want to do everything on our own or we find ourselves NOT wanting to always feel like we are asking for help. We assume that when a person says NO or doesn’t respond then it means NEVER then our confidence shifts the next time we have a need we aren’t able to take care of on our own. 

This episode is for you, if you are ready to dive into ‘developing your self-awareness after loss’, deepen your connection with yourself, and understand how to advocate for yourself once you’ve identified what you need most.    

If you’re ready to step forward with confidence and design a life you can truly love after loss then join me for this episode today!

Korinn and I will share our perspectives and help you find inner strength amidst the aftermath.

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In this episode, you will learn ….

  • Key ways to develop awareness to identify what you need
  • How to deepen the connection with yourself
  • Tips for advocating what you need whether you take the reigns or assign someone to do that for you.

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