What Every Kiddow Needs to Know: 15 and Grieving with Selina…

How does a teenager process their grief at the age of 15? Just ask Selina. 

In this episode, kiddow (aka kid of a widow), Selina Hente shares her journey through teenage life, the loss of her father, and the end of her sports after a traumatic brain injury. How she’s learned to process what she now faces as a 22 year old and helpful advice for grieving parents who want to know how to support their kids.  

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What you’ll learn from this Episode:

  • The struggles some teens face and how Selina navigated them.
  • Understanding how grief impacts teens.
  • Finding hope and healing through therapy. 
  • Advice Selina gives for those facing a similar loss.

Featured on the Show: NOTE :

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