Before I Tell You All About the Program, Let’s Talk About Who This is Really for…

If you are someone who has created a business where you want to help people every single day, but are overwhelmed figuring out how to get the results you ultimately desire in your business.  You aren’t sure what to focus on and are uncertain as to how you are going to create consistency in your business to feel more balanced. 

You know that something needs to change, but you aren’t sure what to do now. OR maybe you do know what to do, but you sabotage your progress by comparing yourself to the progress others are making. If you want to create a business aligned with your purpose, be confident in the decisions you are making, and feel more at peace in knowing that you are taking the next right steps not only in your business, but life too then this is definitely the program for you.


Before Starting the Program These Clients Were...

“I was stressed, unhappy, anxious and not feeling good about myself.”
“I was frequently depressed and just frustrated with almost everything in my life.”
“I was feeling completely frazzled and overwhelmed with all those I loved dearly.”

Are You Someone Who...

  • feels as though you don’t have the support you need to navigate all the challenges that come up in your business day to day?
  • is overwhelmed by the never ending to do list where everything feels like a priority?
  • knows what possible for your life, but aren’t certain how to get there?
  • doesn’t feel like you have enough time in the day to get everything you want done?

If you said yes to any of these, then the Purpose Driven Results Coaching Program will help you build a solid foundation as you design a life and business you can truly love with tools, inspiration, and unparalleled support over the next 8 weeks!

Who am I?

Hello! My name is Erin Hente. After spending 10 years in financial services preparing people for the unexpected, I soon found myself navigating the unexpected when my husband Andy died suddenly in a work accident in 2015. 

It is my personal mission show you what’s possible for your life and help you make simple shifts to design a life you can truly love.

This is why I am here!  

In eight short weeks within the Purpose Driven Results Business Coaching Program, you will gain clarity on where you are headed, feel more confident on your journey getting there, and have more certainty as you focus on the things that are most important to you in life and business.

These are specific results coaching clients received while working with me...

“As other life events have come up I start by taking a breath and ask if this is for my higher good!”
“I stopped letting negative attitudes affect me and I’m taking huge strides in improving my life.”
“ I'm generally happy and content even when I'm tired.”

By the end of this program, you will be able to...

This is how clients say the work they did will help them in their futures...

“I am committed to growing my business exponentially, because I know people need what I have to offer.”

“I was surprised when I looked at my numbers and saw that I achieved over $100k in my business this year. I simply focused on the things I needed to..”

“I have been able to navigate through all areas of my life and know exactly how to overcome obstacles that to the tools I've been given.”

Enroll in the Purpose Driven Results Business Coaching Program Today
Purpose Driven Results Coaching Program
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This is how clients feel after investing the time and energy to participate in this work...

“I am grateful for spending time, money, and energy on what is important to and for me.”
“Worked through feelings and emotions in a healthy manner, which allowed me to be able to feel all of the emotions, but not get stuck in them.”
“This gift of this experience is that I found out I wasn’t taking care of myself at all and now I am.”

What's Covered Inside the Purpose Driven
Results Business Coaching Program

Week 1 – Welcome | Becoming Aware

You are becoming aware of who you are in and how you are showing up in this world.  The exercises this week will allow you to identify what got you to where you are at today, so you can understand what the next right steps are that you need to take on this journey.

In this week, we will cover the following topics in this:

  • Where you are now
  • What are your Desired Outcomes
  • Results you want to create
  • Obstacles and Strategies

Week 2 – Massive Action & Scientific Process

You need to understand that being an entrepreneur requires massive intentional action and a willingness to experiment and test things until you get the result you want. You will learn the scientific process and how to use it in your business. You’ll learn that strong decision making and failure are essential to your success.

In this week, we will cover the following topics in this:

  • How to achieve desired outcomes. 
  • Scientific Process
  • Constraint
  • Decision Making
  • Math vs. Drama

Week 3 – Becoming Your Future Self NOW

You will develop awareness of your beliefs about yourself and your business, including where your belief came from, how to identify and question you belief, how to believe something you don’t yet believe, and how to believe with a focus on the future. You will also understand the importance of self confidence in building your business.

In this week, we will cover the following topics in this:

  • What you believe about your business is based on your past
  • How to discover existing beliefs.
  • How to believe something you don’t yet believe.
  • What you want for your business is based on your future.
  • Self confidence.

Week 4 – Relationships

You will leave with a clear understanding of how all your relationships work.  You will learn what relationships are and how you can create any relationship you want – with yourself, your clients, your business, and your money.

In this week, we will cover the following topics in this:

  • Relationships
  • The Manual
  • Unconditional Love
  • Your Relationship with Yourself, Your Client, Your Business, and Your Money.

Week 5 – Feelings

You will learn feelings in depth, including what feelings are, where they come from, and why they matter. You’ll learn why emotional balance is important, how to allow and process feelings, and how to create feelings to fuel desired actions. You’ll learn about indulgent emotions and how to see discomfort as valuable, especially in building your business.

In this phase, we will be diving into the following.

  • Why feelings matter in business
  • Allowing Feelings
  • Discomfort is the price of growth
  • Indulgent emotions

Week 6 – Time Management & How to Get it Done

We will cover the concept of time, the importance of commitment, “proactivation”, and the process for accomplishing goals.  I will help you pick a business goal you can achieve in the next week and coach you through the steps required to accomplish the goals. You will pick something you want to create in your business in the next week.  It has to be measurable, so you’ll know when you have completed it.  It has to be something that makes you stretch, but also something that you can accomplish in the next week.

In this phase, we will be diving into the following.

  • Time
  • Importance of commitment
  • Proactivation
  • Process for accomplish a goal

Week 7 – Doing the Impossible

You will pick an impossible goal this week for your business. You’ll learn how to identify obstacles in your way and create strategies to overcome each one. You’ll learn the difference between worthy fails and escape fails, in support of planning their fails ahead of time and learning from them.

In this week, we will cover the following topics in this:

  • Benefit of being unrealistic
  • Worthy fails vs. escape fails
  • Goal Selection
  • Obstacles
  • Strategies
  • Failing Well – winning or learning

Week 8 – Review & Make a Plan

We will summarize what you were taught over the past seven weeks, identify obstacles going forward that best supports your business goals. And you’ll learn how you want to continue the work you are doing if you would like to do so.

In this week, we will cover the following topics in this:

  • Review
  • Create a Plan
  • NOTE: This is the perfect week to schedule your 30 minute Strategy Call (complete your plan prior to the call).

When you enroll during this special, limited time period, you'll get:

Plus these 3 additional bonuses!

Enroll in the Purpose Driven Results Business Coaching Program Today
Purpose Driven Results Coaching Program
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What else my clients have said...

“I love where I am growing as we have our sessions! I thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you have brought into my life.”
“You are amazing and I loved this! You are an amazing coach.”
“Erin was amazing to work with, I feel I have grown so much in the time I worked with her!”

Frequently Asked Questions

Group Training Sessions will be held every Monday at 10 am CST.  Group “Ask a Coach” Sessions take place Wednesdays @ 8 am CST.  

If you are someone who wants to design a business you love please join us!  Let’s discover who you are becoming on this journey, so you can step in to your purpose. If you are interested in getting on a waiting list for future group sessions or individual sessions please contact us via email.

Content will be delivered via live zoom sessions, downloadable PDFs and guided questions revolving around the material delivered throughout the program. 

All sessions will be recorded and added to your portal weekly and all pdf downloads may be accessed in each week’s lessons on Mondays by 6 am CST.

From the date of enrollment in the program, you have up until the first live session (Finish 2022 Strong) to receive a full money back guarantee.  In order to receive your money back guarantee, you must have submitted the request prior to the LIVE sessions begin and completed the appropriate request form to receive the full price of the program.

Still thinking about it?

Whatever it is for you, I can tell you that over the last few years I have helped others in a similar place. After the sudden loss of my husband, I lost sight of who I was created to be and what I wanted next for my life, because I didn’t want to think about showing up in the world without him.  Today, I keep showing up in the world helping those I care about and I get to help others do the same. I invite you to take the path less traveled as you begin to uncover what’s possible for your business by clicking the link below.

Wishing you all the best, Erin.