Steps to Finding Balance Amidst the Uncertainty

In this masterclass I’m going to share with you some of what I’ve discovered—info that will help you find balance, move forward, and regain hope that you have lost.

In This Masterclass


Why grief and overwhelming emotions may leave you feeling stuck

How to identify that you have all that you need is right inside of you

The ONE thing you can do for YOU to find balance in a world full of uncertainty

How to trust that you have all you need right inside of you

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Hi. I’m Erin Hente, the founder of the Becoming You Coaching Program.

After I lost my husband Andy in 2015, it went from we to me, our decisions to my decision, and the weight of the world left me feeling overwhelmed and unsure of what to do next.

But…Once I finally surrendered and no longer let the expectations of the world consume me, it gave me the space to identify and begin taking the steps I needed towards finding balance and rebuilding my life after loss. I began to experience a renewed sense of peace, joy, happiness and love once again.

And I want the same for you. That’s why I’m here.