The Why Behind Forever Changed Widow

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Forever Changed Widow came to life after my life was changed forever in July of 2015.  My husband, Andy, died suddenly in a work accident, and I had to figure out how to rebuild a life that no longer included my best friend, the love of my life, my confidant, and the father of our three children.  It was the most heart wrenching experience of my life, but I soon found that sharing my journey with others through writing was both cathartic and liberating. 

My vulnerability allowed me to release my pain in a way I found extraordinarily healing, and this is the biggest reason why I still write today.  The power of words and their ability to reach out through the page and touch someone in their most critical time of need is something I understand deeply.  My sole purpose is to help widows rediscover life after loss as they navigate what is next for them.

In all honesty,  If it were not for my friends continuously encouraging me to keep writing and sharing my experiences after losing Andy,  I may have given up and asked myself ‘who really cares about my tragic life?’  As soon as I was about to throw in the towel and stop blogging, someone would ask me when I was going to share another post.  Looking back at my entries, readers will see that I was not consistent with sharing my messages and wrote when I was moved to do so, but something happened this year that jolted my world, and once again, I have found healing through writing.  

On Memorial Day, after a wonderful weekend with my sister and her family at their cabin, they were involved in a fatal car accident on their way home.  Unfortunately, my sister, niece, and their two dogs were killed almost instantly.  It is heart wrenchingly painful to even share these words with you, but I know that someone out there will read them, understand these feelings all too well,  and find hope for brighter days.

One of the last things my sister did for me was to dedicate her time to being my mentor, so I could share my heart and gifts with the world.  She encouraged and brought out the  best in me, as I began to navigate how I would share the lessons I have learned in life with others along a similar journey.  

As I thought about what my first post would be to re-launch the ‘Forever Changed Widow’ blog on my new website, I wanted to start by sharing why I am so passionate about serving this community.  While Forever Changed Widow was born out of tragedy and pain, it is now reborn to share wisdom and truth to help you navigate this wild, crazy life. 

I  know there is someone reading this who is suffering like I was a few short years ago. I understand the  feeling of hopelessness, and what it is like to be stuck, overwhelmed, and have no idea what is next.   If that is YOU, I pray that you find a sense of healing, peace, and hope as you allow the light of others just ahead of you on this journey to be your guide along the way.



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Hi there, I’m Erin.

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I’m serving the widow community by connecting them to resources, life, and each other as they rediscover life after loss. When I’m not coaching, I love to travel and spend time with family and friends. If you’re ready to take the next step on your journey start here!

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