Introducing Your Wheel of Life Workbook

Hello! As I’m sure you already know, my name is Erin Hente. 

It is my personal mission to empower widows, just like you, to step forward into a life they never expected with more peace, confidence, and certainty.

After I lost my husband Andy in 2015, I jumped back into my corporate career and role as a mom only to soon realize that I no longer identified with either of those roles in the aftermath of loss.  I no longer recognized the person staring back at me in the mirror.

It went from we to me, our decisions to my decision, and the weight of the world left me feeling overwhelmed and unsure of what to do next.  

But…Once I finally surrendered it gave me the space to identify and begin taking the steps I needed towards rebuilding my life after loss. I began to experience a renewed sense of peace, joy, happiness and love once again.

This is why I am here!  I am here to guide you on this journey towards living your best life after loss.

This workbook, Your Wheel of Life, is the beginning of your journey to becoming the person you were meant to be.

In this workbook, you will learn and work through:

  •  7 categories designed to give you clarity about what you want in life and what a satisfying life looks like for you.
  • Satisfaction assessment to determine what areas in your life currently need the most focus
  • Prompts for reflection in these areas so you can determine your next steps
  • Action items to help you map out a plan for what your next steps should be